Subsidized Housing

The term “subsidized housing” refers to any housing where the government provides monetary assistance to lower the rent.  In British Columbia, the two most common forms of subsidized housing are managed by BC Housing.

The first subsidy is called SAFER, also known as the Shelter Aid For Elderly Renters. This is a cash subsidy payable at the end of the month to eligible renters that are 60+. Renters can be renting any private housing or paying pad rent for their home.

The other form of subsidized housing is where you move into a housing facility either owned by, or under an operating agreement with, BC Housing. Rental fees are calculated on a rent-geared-to-income-basis … “30% of household gross income, subject to minimum rent based on # of people”. Simply put, your rent is 30% of your gross monthly income, subject to a minimum set amount.

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