7 Ways To Lead A Happy Life In Old Age

Happiness is a choice and can improve your health and your quality of life. These seven tips are perfect for every senior who wants to fill the golden years with happiness.

  1. Attitude Is Everything
    Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Why? Because no matter what the situation, no matter how bad it might seem in that moment or how mad you are, we ultimately determine our reaction. You can’t change the past but you can change your attitude so why not react in a positive way? I’m not trying to say that you can’t be sad or upset or even angry. Just don’t live in that place for too long.
  2. Spend Time With Family And Friends
    Having strong social connections are paramount for happiness. And I’m not talking about Facebook either. Real human to human contact. Friends and family can lift you up when you’re feeling down. They bring you soup when you’re sick. They make you feel loved and valued. Nothing beats that!
  3. Be Curious and Explore New Interests
    Life is better when there are things to look forward to each day. You can take classes and explore different hobbies that stimulate the mind and body. This doesn’t have to cost money. There are plenty of things to do for free if you set your mind to looking for them.
  4. Be Of Services To Others
    There is a rich joy in volunteering or helping friends and family. Work in a soup kitchen, drive a fellow senior to an appointment, or make a casserole for a friend who is sick. Interestingly, when you take the focus off yourself and serve others, you really are serving yourself. Try it. You’ll soon see what I mean.
  5. Get Out In Nature
    You don’t have to be a birder or like insects, but I cannot express how wonderful it is to be in nature. There is something about a cool wind in your face, the sunshine on your face, the whisper of the trees, or the water lapping at the shores of Okanagan Lake that is so very grounding and good for the spirit. Even if you are not able to walk far, there are many places you can drive or take the bus to and sit on a park bench, and there are many nature tours you can take as well.
  6. Have A Sense Of Humour
    Do you remember the last time you had a good laugh? The kind that no matter what you can’t control? Laughter truly is the best medicine if you’re feeling down. Find a funny movie (for a beautiful laugh, I recommend the movie “Florence Foster Jenkins”), or ask a librarian to recommend a funny book.
  7. Practice Gratitude
    Even if you don’t think you have much, there is always something to be thankful for. People that can be grateful for what they have are generally happier. Every morning, say one thing to yourself that you are thankful for (the sound of the quail, the sunshine, your pension, etc…). Once you have mastered this, tell someone you know why you are thankful you know them. They will love to hear this. Next, tell a stranger why you are thankful that you met them. Guaranteed you will feel happier in having and giving gratitude.