Living At Home As Long As Possible

No one wants to get old, but it happens so we might as well embrace it. Sometimes it happens gradually; and for some it happens quite suddenly due to illness, stroke, a broken hip and so on.

When you need help at home to remain living in your own home, it can be an emotional experience. You were used to taking care of yourself and now you cannot. You will be happy to know that the goal of our Interior Health Authority (IHA) is to have you living independently and in your own home for as long as possible. Yes, as long as possible. Good news for you and your furry companions.

If you find yourself in a position where you require care and the service can be provided in your home or a community setting, an IHA Community Care Case Manager will work with you and your caregiver (if you have one) to create a plan that meets your needs.

That said, Interior Health also provides options for those with needs that would be better met in an alternate setting such as assisted living, residential care, or hospice. We’ll get to that in another article.

At home services through IHA are intended to give independence to those with chronic health conditions, disabilities or a terminal illness. They are also aimed at providing your caregiver with rest and relief. In order to receive IHA’s publicly subsidized assistance at home, your needs will need to be assessed by a Community Care health professional. To set up an appointment, phone one of these numbers: Community Care Offices

In keeping with the IHA’s Home and Community Care philosophy, home support services are designed to supplement, rather than replace, the skills and resources that you, your loved ones and your friends provide to you. There are also community supports for seniors that you can tap into such as Better At Home which can include house cleaning and transportation at rates you can afford.

Another program I want to tell you about is called Choice In Supports For Independent Living. CSIL for short. In a nutshell, this is a self-directed option for home support. You would receive funds directly from IHA to purchase your own home support services (snow shoveling, house cleaning, meal prep, etc…). Essentially you become an employer who manages all aspects of your own home support, from hiring and supervising staff to overseeing how the funds are spent. Among other criteria, to be eligible for CSIL, you must have a physical disability and high-intensity care needs. Visit Choice In Supports For Independent Living for more information.

While aging is an emotional process, it is good to know about the supports available to you. I encourage you to explore these options before you need them. Knowledge is power.